Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kleeman and Mike in Backyard Jam

So the cartoon I first wrote about here and then here is finally done! Go on over either to or Vimeo ( to watch it. Thank you so much to all who contributed to see this project through, sincerely.

I have to mention that out of all of the Kleeman and Mike shorts (I've worked on 4), this is probably the slickest and most professional one. It looks SO good! The art direction & color of surfer/artist Andy Davis really knocked it out of the park. Cool original music by Spencer Rabin of the San Diego band "Little Deadman". My old theme park friends, Rex Russell and Tony Misiano lending their voices for K&M respectively. As for my animation, I tried to do the best that I could with the limited amount of time I had last summer. My schedule at Full Sail is demanding and so I wish I could have spent more time animating. It all was wonderfully guided by Randy Christopher's direction.

I just dropped it off yesterday as a submission for next year's Florida Film Festival, wish us luck!


Here's a small "behind-the-scenes" clip of my run cycles near the end of the short :
Click here for a bigger view.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The fall / whiteboard

Hi guys, hope everybody is enjoying the fall! Superstorm Sandy didn't affect Central Florida that much aside from bringing cold weather a bit early this year but my heart really goes out to all those affected in the north east coast of the U.S. and Caribbean. If you'd like to help but can't make it up there, make a contribution to The American Red Cross.

Fall means a busy schedule at my day job at Full Sail University so that's why I've been a bit M.I.A. lately. I've been freelancing too but can't really show that work here without permission. I can tell you it's based on concepts in this book. And also had a family visit with my sister and nephew and I believe we have another artist on our hands! Check out Liam's abstract handiwork (looks like a bird in profile to me):

So to continue the whiteboard drawing concept, here is a post on the Dos Illustros sketch blog where I'm demonstrating how to abstract objects for my class' Black & White Abstract Composition assignment:

And here I demo to the class how to draw a human head and then add all kinds of things on top (this one kinda looks like a hipster-moustachioed-mulleted-tattoed Justin Bieber):

Our Design & Art Theory class in the Digital Arts and Design and Graphic Design on-campus programs at Full Sail deal with traditional methods for designers. If you want to visit and check out the campus, make sure you come to their big and impressive monthly event: The Behind The Scenes Tour.

Couple more things: I still have a batch of figure drawings to post from my last Crealdé Sunday session but it'll have to wait until I scan them, my scanner isn't on the fritz but the computer it was hooked up to is so I need to find an adapter. I'm also getting together something for a local show in a new gallery in December and lining up a couple of album covers for a couple of talented local folks.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving (my favorite) is next!