Friday, February 24, 2012

New Kleeman and Mike cartoon!

I'm really glad to be helping Randy Christopher (Kleeman and MikeBear and Fox) make another "Kleeman and Mike" cartoon! I worked on the first 2 (after he made his first Flash game with them). A bit of history, Randy and I have been friends since we used to work at the Disney theme parks in the Entertainment department and eventually left to follow our artistic education, funny we also ended up educators as well. He taught me Flash as I would help him out with animation. The 1st one got us to the Florida Film Festival! You can watch the 1st 2 cartoons here at the old site:

He's assembled an AMAZING team for this new cartoon (including Keith Milgaten of Jamuel Saxon, Spencer Rabin of Little Deadman, surfer/artist Andy Davis, and me!) but it needs your help! Please consider donating and spread the word/reblog the link below. Every little bit helps! Thank you in advance if you donate! Go to the Kickstarter page for a video from Randy and more details:

Viva Kleeman and Mike!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bugs Bunny for Redlight

Sorry for the lack of updates! I know it's been month and 1/2 but after X-mas break, I had to go back to work and am getting used to the routine of making art again. Here's a sneak peek at my painting for tomorrow's Redlight Redlight 60's & 70's Art Show. I tried to do it in the flavor of my favorite 60's illustrators such as Al Parker, Bernie Fuchs, & Bob Peak. It's in acrylic and way bigger than my usual pieces at 24"x36" (I tend to work small). I'll post the full painting from the show tomorrow.

ps. if you're looking for retro & vintage illustration art styles from the 20th century Golden Age of Illustration, visit Leif Peng's great blog Todays Inspiration or his excellent image collection on Flickr!