Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thomas Thorspecken's "The Hub"

Hey guys,

I just wanted to post a link for Tom Thorspecken's sketch from his amazing blog, Analog Artist Digital World, for the opening of Full Sail University's Digital Arts & Graphic Design gallery The Hub. Here is an article about it from Full Sail:

Thor sketched my co-workers Curator and History of Visual Communication Course Director Kim Lomas, Resident Artist Tom Buzbee, and Studio Artist Avaryl Buzbee. Also at the bottom left of the page, you'll find a familiar figure holding a Nikon camera (as the unofficial photographer) and drinking from a water bottle while chatting up co-worker and Art History Assistant Course Director Jessica Vick.

Thorspecken is an Orlando event reporter except instead of taking pictures, he sketches the event (or part of it) in watercolor. He was a clean-up artist at Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida and now teaches in the 2D Animation class at Full Sail University's Computer Animation department. I worked at Disney Florida on "Brother Bear" and although we never worked together, I hold Thor in the highest respect for working at the studio.

Check out the sketch here: