Friday, June 8, 2012


I've started a big painting (5'x7') collaboration with our school's Resident Artist and my friend, the amazingly talented Tom Buzbee! Click on his name to see more of his work and you will see why I am super excited about it! The man is not only a fantastic fine artist who's found his own voice but as an illustrator, I respect him highly for working in places like NASA and Disney's EPCOT. And I always was a bit jealous that my friends McArthur Albert and George Frei got to do painting with him so I'm really glad I finally get to do one!

I will try to post progress photos of the painting here on the blog as we go along. After stretching & double priming the big canvas, here's our 1st step: covering the background in expressive washes of black acrylic paint. The rectangles you might see in it are pieces of paper towels that we threw on it to soak some of the paint out. They left some of the pattern & shapes from the paper towels and we also threw them back at the painting to build more textures. Click on the photo for a closer look: