Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Act

Back in the mid 2000's, a few animation studios were forming here in Orlando after the closing of Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida. One of these studios, Cecropia, set up shop to make a video game with quality 2D animation; not unlike the Don Bluth games of the 80's, "Dragon's Lair" & "Space Ace", except theirs wouldn't be an action game. They ended up hiring a lot of the very talented animation artists in town (many of them my friends) and ended up with "The Act", a hand-drawn animated romantic comedy game. Luckily, I was hired to do some clean-up animation (I worked on Edgar, Sylvia, Wally, and one of the doctors) and animate the game's instructions and comic special effects in Flash ( I also ended up teaching Flash at the studio). Check out some of the original art for it here:

I'm really glad to finally see this game out in the open and hopefully enjoyed by people. The game was originally being sold to the arcade market but it is now being released to the iPad & iPhone. Check it out and download it in the iTunes app store: