Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Delayed Green

1st time playing with The Delayed Green
Bikkuri Sushi lounge, Orlando, FL
Late November 2009
In late November 2009, my boss Jae gave me the chance to accompany him by playing latin percussion to his acoustic guitar rock. It was during a joint birthday party for my ex co-worker Ernie Turner and I since our birthdays landed around the same date. I really hadn't played drums or percussion in front of an audience since 1992 but did keep playing at home for fun between all those years. He liked how we sounded together that night so we started playing local gigs together as The Delayed Green, the name of his previous band. He was also finishing an EP last year under the same name as a full rock band and asked me to lay down some side percussion tracks for it. I obliged and had a lot of fun doing it since I liked the music already.

The EP is now SoundCloud for listening and downloading, check it out here if you like alternative rock:  http://soundcloud.com/jaeralph