Thursday, June 27, 2013

Slowing down

Hey guys,

My schedule has been really busy with teaching classes both on-campus and online for the last 3 months but thankfully things have slowed down for a bit and I'm going on vacation next week to recharge batteries. I'm planning to do some personal artwork along with the relaxation before things pick up again so hopefully there'll be more art coming to the blog here. Now that I have at least a working scanner in the studio, I'll be able to post the last Crealdé figure drawing session I went to.

For now I'd like to post a portrait of U2's guitarist The Edge from the Joshua Tree days (photo reference from Anton Corbjin) done recently for my friend Jeff Lang. It's pen & ink on 5"x7" Canson BFK Rives cream paper, click on the image for a closer look:

And here's a photo from my Kleeman and Mike panel at Full Sail's Hall of Fame event since I found at Full Sail's Flickr feed:

Hope everyone's summer is going ok! Florida gets a bit miserable with the heat, rain, and humidity but I hope to make it to the beach soon!