Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kleeman and Mike at the Florida Film Festival 2013!

Great news! The Florida Film Festival will be screening "Kleeman and Mike in Backyard Jam" as part of their Animated Shorts program this year! This program is one of the most popular at the festival and it's actually Kleeman and Mike's second time at the festival, the first being the "Kleeman and Mike: Animated Short" back in 2005 (which I represented).

Creator Randy Christopher will be flying in from San Diego for the event and I will be there as well showing support. I actually go every year to both of the Animated Shorts and International Animated Shorts programs as there is always something interesting to see every year. It'll be great to see the short on the big screen. Hope to see you there, make sure you say hi!

You will be able to buy tickets soon at the Enzian box office or the website:

Also check out Central Florida's Enzian theater if you like independent movies:

If you haven't checked out the short, see it here:

ps. I will also be doing a presentation of the short and it's process at my school, Full Sail University, during their "Hall of Fame Week 2013" in the 2nd week of February. You'll be able to get in if you're a student or staff member!